Famous Athletes From Around The World

Athletes are among the most famous people in the world for their considerable talents in their respective sports. Sports which have many famous personalities are soccer, basketball, golf, tennis and American football respectively. Measuring popularity differs from one industry to another, but in the field of sports, three significant issues are factored in to gauge one’s recognition.


First, the income the athlete earns either from salary or off-field endorsement contracts, the number of social media followers in sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and finally frequency of a player’s name is typed into a search engine. Factoring the three mentioned, below are some of the most famous athletes in the world.


Cristiano Ronaldo


The 33-year-old Portuguese soccer player is the most famous athlete in the world. Having just completed his mega-move from Real Madrid to Juventus, he receives endorsements amounting to 32 million dollars. On top of that, his Juventus salary is expected to be approximately 35 million dollars. On Facebook, he has 118.1 million followers, 50.4 million followers on Twitter and 93 million fans on Instagram. Being the Champions League all-time top scorer and five Ballon d’Or trophies come along with being unbelievable fame and are financially rewarding. He once shared bunk bed bedroom decorating ideas on a local TV show. 


LeBron James


The former Cleveland Cavaliers forward who has recently moved to Los Angeles Lakers might be of small stature, but his social media following is just astounding. He holds the record for being Cavalier’s all-time top scorer, a feat he had achieved by his second stint in the team. His endorsements amount to 55 million dollars and a salary of 35.6 million dollars in his new team, making him one of the best-paid NBA players. He has 34.4 million Twitter followers, 22.6 million Facebook fans, and 28.5 million Instagram followers.


Lionel Messi


The soft-spoken Argentine-born soccer player plays for Barcelona Football Club. Despite having tremendous talent and debatably the best active football player at the moment in the world, his shy and introvert nature is the reason he manages only a third spot in the list. With endorsements amounting to 28 million dollars and an annual salary of 48.5 million dollars, Messi for sure enjoys financial freedom most people would only wish. Moreover, he has 65.1 million Instagram followers and 86.6 million Facebook fans, and no Twitter account.


Roger Federer


Despite being ranked second to Rafael Nadal on Male’s Tennis Rankings, the Swiss-born tennis player has a great deal of fame. The tennis maestro has an annual salary of 9 million dollars and endorsements adding up to 60 million dollars. Furthermore, his social media following is just as enormous. Facebook alone, he has 14.2 million fans, 6.7 million followers and 2.8 million fans on Instagram.


Phil Mickelson


Despite being right-handed, Phil is an American golfer widely famed using his left hand, hence his nickname Lefty. Tiger Woods fall from grace seemed to have given helped him. Additionally, a look in his eye-watering endorsement deal of 50 million dollars and an annual salary of 28 million dollars warrants him to belong to the list of the few exceptional athletes in the world despite not being active on any social media platform.